Партнерское соглашение

Partner participation rules

Anyone who wishes to become a Partner and participate in the sale of JQSEE.COM software products must carefully read the rules setting out the rights and obligations of Partners and the Company.


Company – «TEAM JQSEE» (www.jqsee.com)

Resource – Websites, applications for the mobile platform, social networks or other software products on which the Partner can post Promotional Codes received on the Company's website (in the Personal Area).

Promotional code – code received by the partner on the Company's website, containing alphanumeric characters.

Partner – registered on the Company's website a user who can post on the various resources received on the Company's website, in the Personal Account Promo codes.

Service – a set of functions developed by the Company, necessary to ensure the joint work of the Partner and the Company.

Referral – person who interacts Promo code with the Company.

Act – the entered promotional code by the Referral on the page for purchasing the Company's software product, or when filling out and / or paying for the purchase of the Company's software product, as well as using a promotional code for registration or other useful action on the Company's website.

Personal Area – section on the Company's website in which the Partner's personal data are located, billing information, as well as the functionality necessary to manage the placement of Promo codes on Partner Resources.

1. General Provisions

1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the terms of use of the Service for Partners. Registration of the Partner in the Service automatically means that he fully and unconditionally agrees with all provisions of the Rules and is responsible for their execution.

1.2. For all questions related to these Rules, the Partner must contact the Support Service at the e-mail address [email protected]

1.3. These Rules may be amended or supplemented by the Company at any time unilaterally without agreement with the Partners. The updated Rules are published on the website in the appropriate section, and information about the changes is sent to the e-mail addresses specified by the Partners at registration.

1.4. The current version of the Rules was published at https://jqsee.com/ru/articles/view/11.

1.5. These Rules contain general terms and conditions for using the Service. For some Promo codes, additional rules can be developed. If the Partner uses these Promotional Codes, he must familiarize himself with the rules relating to them and comply with them.

1.6. Partners of the Company are users who have passed the registration procedure on the site www.jqsee.com.

2. Requirements for Resources and their content

Resources that assume the placement on their pages of Promotional Codes, links and description of the Company's software products, or a description of the Company itself, must comply with the following conditions:

2.1. The resource must not violate the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine. In particular, it is FORBIDDEN to post Promo codes on Resources that:

2.1.1. Propagandize violence, racial, religious, ethnic or any other discrimination and enmity in any form.

2.1.2. Contain information discrediting or insulting the honor and dignity of an individual, group or organization.

2.1.3. Place pornographic photos, video and audio clips, including those involving minors, or information "only for adults".

2.1.4. They contain malicious software (viruses, trojans, etc.), information on its use, as well as information about the hacking of computer systems and programs.

2.1.5. Offending religious feelings of people of any faith.

2.1.6. Contain obscene vocabulary.

2.1.7. Place false information about the implementation of Actions with Promotional Codes.

2.2. Do not use special programs or tools that, without the consent of the Referral:

2.2.1. Re-direct the Referral to third-party Resources.

2.2.2. Make changes to the browser settings.

2.2.3. Upload files to the referral computer.

2.2.4. Show pop-up windows that the Referral can not close at will.

3. Conditions for placing promo codes

Partners are prohibited from all means and methods aimed at artificially increasing the quantity and quality of Actions, including:

3.1. Involvement on pages with Promo-codes of non-targeted Referrals, automatic robots, and, as a consequence, multiple selection of promotional codes on the Company's website.

3.2. Multiple execution of Actions manually or using special programs and services intended for automatic execution of Actions or forcing Referrals to perform Actions.

3.3. Additional attraction of Resource Referrals attention to Promotional Codes, including requests, appeals or coercion of Referrals to implement Actions.

3.4. Placement of misleading inscriptions or images alongside promo codes.

4. Requirements for the placement of promo codes

The Partner is allowed to experiment with the placement of Promotional Codes on any resources, subject to the following rules:

4.1. Each Promotional Code is published in the form in which it is broadcast by the Service, without any changes on the part of the Partner.

4.2. It is forbidden to specify an incorrect URL-link to the Company's website.

4.3. Promo codes should be placed only on pages where there is text and, preferably, it should be on forums, social networks (on pages where people communicate naturally).

4.4. The output code of Promo codes should not be placed on pages containing confidential Resource Resource data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.).

5. Responsibility of Partners

5.1.  Actions received with the help of prohibited means are considered to be substandard and the enrollment of earned funds is not made.

5.2. The funds collected for low-quality Actions are withdrawn from the account of Partners and returned to the victims of these actions. Also, the Company has the right to collect from such Partner a penalty fee equal to the cost of substandard Actions.

5.3. In the event of non-compliance with any provision of these Rules, the Company may apply the following measures to the offender:

5.3.1. Warn the Partner of the violation of the rules.

5.3.2. Temporarily suspend the work of the Promo codes received by the Partner before bringing them into compliance with the Rules.

5.3.3. Block the partner's account or close his personal account in the Service.

5.4. Issues related to compliance with these Rules are decided individually in each specific case.

5.5. The Partner bears full responsibility for the safety of his login and password, through which access to the Personal Cabinet is provided, as well as for losses that may arise due to unauthorized use of his login, password or access channel. Passing the login and password to third parties is prohibited.

5.6. All actions performed with the use of the Partner's login and password are considered to be the perfect Partner.

5.7. The Company is not liable for unauthorized third party access to the Personal Cabinet and does not reimburse the losses incurred as a result of this.

5.8. The company is not responsible for the inaccuracy of the provided contact details or details and does not compensate for the losses incurred as a result.

6. Financial calculations

6.1. The Partner's revenue is formed as a result of the successful payment by the Referral of the Company's software product (actions carried out with the help of Promo codes set by the Partner on the Resources).

6.2. Statistics of the income that is payable to the Partner is maintained by the Service. You can see it in the Personal Area.

6.3. The minimum payment is equivalent to $10. To pay compensation, the Partner must send a request for payment of earned funds (the withdrawal page is in the Personal Area). The remuneration to the Partner is paid within 2 working days after receipt of payment by the Referral for the software product to the Company account. If the Partner's account does not have enough funds for the minimum amount of payment, the earned funds remain on the Partner's account.

6.4. Способы и правила осуществления выплат описываются в Личном кабинете Партнера.

7. Limitations on Company Liability

7.1.The company reserves the right to refuse the use of promotional codes or to block a partner account without explaining the reasons.

7.2. The company is not responsible for non-delivery of e-mail messages due to technical problems on the Internet, communication disruption, hosting problems, anti-spam filters, and other reasons beyond the control of the Company.

8. Observance of copyrights

The Company is not responsible for placing Promotional Codes on Resources whose materials are protected by copyright, whose owners do not have legal rights to post these materials.

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