Cooperation with partners

Earn with us!

We - TEAM Jqsee team work closely with our partners on mutually beneficial terms and on a long-term basis (partnership agreement). Working with us is quite simple, due to the fact that software solutions for web projects we do qualitatively and at a high, professional level, which is a guarantee for the successful growth of our business with you! 

We are interested in making you well earned!

The main advantage of our partner program is an accessible and understandable functionality for partners in joint business with us. Partners can earn a decent income, because for each product we have developed a flexible net with discounts for the buyer and with your earnings (commission for the partner). If you earn well, it means that our business will grow! Use your chance and join our partner team, we will help you! We will do more together!

Partner Registration

To become a partner, you need to pass a quick registration and, then, check your email for the password of access to your personal account. If you did not receive the email, please go to the Spam folder and find the email there, mark it and click "Do not Spam".

Partner's cabinet

Log in to the site - sign in.

Go to the site, to the login page and enter your email and password when registering.

The advantage of our partners is to provide them with simple functionality to conduct business on the network. Simply place links to promotional codes on websites and social networks - and get paid for it!

Partner control panel

Home page of your partner's personal cabinet

You can make settings for your profile

MANDATORY! In order for you to withdraw money from the system, please indicate the number of your card and the data of the owner of this card.

That you did not have questions, read carefully the description of the partner program.

Choose the suggestions you like about promo codes and get them (get button).

After receiving the promo codes, they will be available on the page My promo codes. Do not forget about the period of use for each offer! The period of use of promotional codes has a start date and an end date for the use of each promo code! If the usage period has expired, please inform the administration in the Contacts section.

You can change the names of received promo codes to whatever you like (it is acceptable to use Latin letters, numbers, underscores and dashes). We advise you to change the name of promo codes once and before their placement, because by changing the name of the current promo code (a promotional code that was already posted by you earlier), it will become invalid!

You can temporarily suspend the use of your promo codes (Start / Stop button). And also, delete them. Attention! After removing promotional codes, they will become invalid for use on the site!

We have prepared for you basic examples (for each of your promo codes) for their further placement (text and HTML code) on sites, social networks, html-pages. You can use them (they are fully-working). Or to build your links and texts according to their example, it's up to you.

And the most pleasant moment!  Withdraw the earnings from the site and credit them to your card. The processing time of your application for withdrawal of funds and crediting your earned money to your card is 24 hours.

In the Reports section of the My Revenues page, you can view all the transactions for the sale of goods using your promo codes.

In the Reports section of the Funds withdrawal reports page, you can view all transactions with the current status and the amount of output.

Dare and reach new heights!

Put new slats and grow in your income!

We wish you good luck and prosperity in your endeavor!

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