The script of the marketplace CMS Digital Mall Center

Script Marketplace CMS Digital Mall Center - This is a ready-made business out of the box, a highly professional and highly specialized multi-vendor store (marketplace) of digital (virtual) products and software products that works in a specific way (C2C - user -> client, B2C - business -> client).
Version: 10313082019
Development process: {completed}
Period: 21.06.2016 - 13.08.2019

System requirements script

For the full operation of the script, the following software installed on the server is required (this software was used in the development):

  • Apache 2.2 and higher
  • PHP 7.2 and higher
  • MySQL 5.5.5 and higher
  • Installed library PHP ZIP
  • Installed library PHP XML
  • Installed library PHP GD2
  • Installed library PHP CURL
  • Installed library PHP mbstring 
  • Installed library PHP iconv
  • Installed library PHP ioncube
  • Installed library PHP mcrypt
  • The minimum RAM size is 64 MB.

Description of the CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC]

A ready professional tool for the successful start of your business on the Internet, in the segment of digital goods (electronic goods).

CMS consists of the core of the system and additional functionality (modules). The core includes a basic functionality sufficient to start your business. With the help of basic functionality you can deploy your service for the sale of digital goods. Sellers will be able to place and sell goods, the buyer make purchases of these goods, there is also a buyer's office, a salesperson's office and an admin panel for management. To raise your service to a higher, professional level and advantageously different from competitors, we advise you to purchase additional modules.

The basic principle of CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC]  - the provision of an unlimited number of trading platforms for the set of sellers with which they could sell their digital goods: files, access passwords, music, clips, gaming accounts, game keys and much, much more ..., deduct commission from each transaction in favor of administration of trading platforms.

Provision of necessary functionality for sellers to successfully conduct their business on trading floors (payment for goods, exchange of currencies, withdrawal of funds, discounts on goods, choice of payment systems for goods, etc.).
Each seller has a page of his store for exhibiting his digital goods in it.
Reception of payments for goods sellers can accept on various currency accounts.
Sellers can change different currencies to the desired currency for further withdrawal of funds.
Sellers can withdraw their earnings from the site to their account and in any payment system available on the site.

Vendors can replenish the account on the site in any available currency (for further purchase of services on the site or exchange of funds).
The currency rate on the site can be automatically updated after the specified time period (the exchange rate can be adjusted manually using the coefficients for each exchange rate).
All functionality and content on the site has a 100% ability to support multilingualism (by default, two languages ​​are used: English and Russian). You can add the languages ​​you need for yourself.

CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC] has the highest monetization among itself similar commercial Internet projects.
В CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC] Almost all possible income variants are taken into account, where you as an administrator of the site will have an automated, stable, constantly increasing income received for:

Basic Income

  • Withholding commission from each transaction. With the sale of each product, you will receive the commission specified by you (the default commission is: 5%).

Additional income from the multiple services provided on the site

  • The purchase of additional space by sellers for their goods.
  • Advertising on the website. Advertising (banner, text link) in the absolutely specified places on absolutely any page and in any section specified by you. Possibility of instant purchase of an advertising space, with payment and the subsequent placing of advertising by the advertiser (the advertiser can make purchase and placing of advertising on a site for few minutes). For each type of advertising (banner, text link), you can assign your cost to a particular page and for a specific location (positioning on this page). 
  • Promotion of goods. Each seller has the opportunity to "promote" their goods, thereby increasing their sales. The goods can be placed in the Recommended goods section, placed at the very top of the list of all products, highlight the background, or the color or fat content of the header. For each type of promotion, you can assign your own value.
  • Exchange of currencies (commissioning by default: 5%). You can set your commission percentage yourself.
  • Withdrawal of funds (default commision: 5% -7%). You can set your own commission percentage to withdraw funds for each payment system.
  • Affiliate - automatic attraction of new potential users (buyers, sellers, advertisers and partners) to the site, which at times increase the conversion of the site in comparison with passive projects. 

In fact, the CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC] script is a complete and brought to the logical conclusion a professional tool for making money for sellers of digital goods and site administration.

We are sure that you will like our product and you, with the help of its powerful and professional functionality will be able to raise your financial capabilities to an incomparably high level, which can be limited only by you. Below is a list of key features of the CMS DMC.

Key features of CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC]

  • High performance due to correctly written SQL queries.
  • A caching system for templates and other HTML code.
  • Security. Support for the use of an SSL certificate (https protocol) for the exchange of user and server data, while creating a secure channel, with a guaranteed system of protection against intrusion and injection for unauthorized access.
  • Multilanguage (with the ability to add the language you need). The default languages ​​are: Russian / english. Automatic detection of visitor's language by browser. Set the default language if there is no language for the user.
  • Multicurrency (with the ability to add the currency you need). The default currencies are set as follows: USD / RUB / UAH / EUR / BTC. Selection and installation on the site of almost any currency (if it supports at least one payment system installed on the site).
  • Many payment systems for the sale of digital goods: Webmoney, Yandex money, Liqpay, Payza, Bitcoin and plastic cards VISA/MasterCard for any countries through gateways Yandex money, Liqpay (it is possible, in addition, to develop and connect any other payment gateways, by agreement).
  • IMPORTANT! Absence of mandatory availability of a personal Webmoney certificate for sellers. The administrator himself determines on which payment system users will withdraw their earned money.
  • Automatic currency updates on the site. The frequency of currency updates is set by the administrator.
  • Automatic conversion of the cost of goods and services on the site to the currency selected by the user.
  • Registration for users (selective), with the connection of the necessary functionality for sellers / partners / advertisers.
  • The seller's cabinet with a specific functionality for this profile.
  • The buyer's cabinet with a specific functionality for this profile.
  • The partner's cabinet with a specific functionality for this profile.
  • The advertiser's cabinet with a specific functionality for this profile.
  • The system of statistics and reports for sellers (Sales, Account replenishment, Disk space, Improvements (promotion of goods), Referrals referrals, Income from referrals, Withdrawal of funds, etc.).
  • A visual graph for all sales for the seller.
  • A visual visit schedule for each seller's product.
  • Reporting system and statistics for customers.
  • Reporting system and statistics for partners.
  • The system of reports and statistics for advertisers.
  • Automatic registration of buyers after the first successful purchase of a digital goods (creating a cabinet with a list of purchased goods and statistics). After successful payment, messages with registration data (access to the office: login and password) and a link to download in your office (automatic authorization on the site via a one-time link) are sent to the e-mail address specified during the purchase. In this case, it remains possible to perform normal authorization through the login and password, if the buyer was previously registered.
  • System reset and password recovery for users.
  • Setting up a profile for users: uploading an avatar, setting a name for the seller, selecting a country and time zone, changing the password, changing email, changing contact data, connecting cabinets of other profiles (advertiser, buyer, partner, vendor), etc.
  • Set up and select payment systems from the seller to pay for goods.
  • Enable / disable currency accounts with sellers: [ USD / RUB / UAH / EUR / BTC ...]. The administrator has the option of "manual" adjusting the ratio of rates for each of the currencies.
  • Mass change of prices for all goods from sellers, with the possibility to indicate their value or percentage for each currency (increase / decrease in the value of all goods of the seller in percentage or numerical value, one-click).
  • Safe transaction. The system of protection from deception / fraud by unscrupulous sellers, with a 100% guarantee of obtaining purchased goods by buyers.
  • Use active and frozen accounts for each user and each currency. After payment of the goods, the funds are placed on the frozen account and after the specified time (by default 72 hours) and provided that the buyer has no claims to the seller of the purchased goods, the money is transferred to the active account for use or withdrawal from the system.
  • Selection of payment systems from sellers to accept payments for goods (through which payment systems to sell goods).
  • Indication of accounts, purses from the seller for withdrawal of his funds.
  • Convenient management of goods and services for sellers. There are sections for the goods: On sale (goods available for sale), On the checkout (temporarily unavailable for sale, pass the check by the administrator) and the Basket (analogue of the draft, temporarily unavailable for sale).
  • Adding sellers of their digital goods (files of any administrator-authorized extension). It is possible to add one of 5 different types of digital goods:
    • A ZIP archive is when one or more files are automatically packed into one archive, while the files can have different extensions (file extensions that were allowed by the administrator), for example, they can be document files, music files, video files, pictures and. There is an opportunity to set the seller the number of sales for the goods (uniqueness of the goods from 1 pc.).
    • Text arbitrary multiline - article, blog, business information. There is an opportunity to set the seller the number of sales for the goods (uniqueness of the goods from 1 pc.).
    • Code arbitrary in one line - passwords for games, access passwords, discount coupons. The product is unique, each line with the code seller added is sold.
    • Code 16-digit - automatic generation of codes by the system (options are possible with the addition of a prefix to or without codes). The product is unique, each line with the code that the system added with automatic code generation is sold.
    • Arbitrary form - sending arbitrary form (after successful payment of the goods), with the filled customer data to the seller's API server.
  • Functional for the sale of digital goods, with the function of selecting the desired currency for the purchase of goods (automatic conversion), as well as choosing a convenient system of payment for the buyer.
  • Detailed graphics and statistics for each product for sellers, with a sample by date (visit, sale).
  • Shops sellers. In fact, the store of the seller is a full-fledged site (the site is a business card with detailed information about the goods and about the seller). The seller can change the description, slogan, store name, sections: About us, Contacts. There is a flexible and convenient system for changing the style of the store: a logo, pictures in the header of the site, directly on the page of your store (interactive change of the logo and background picture in the site header).
  • Section with a list of all the digital products of sellers with a page data output.
  • News section. News feed. News placement by the administrator. Output of news in the user's office, as well as in the general newsline on the site.
  • Section of articles. Post articles by the administrator.
  • The FAQ section for the user, performed in the styles of sliding panels "accordion".
  • Ability to create a catalog of products with an unlimited level of nesting and with a pagination of data output.
  • Ability to create a news catalog with unlimited level of nesting and with page data output.
  • Ability to create a catalog of articles with an unlimited level of nesting and with a pagination of data output.
  • Ability to create a FAQ directory with unlimited nesting level and with page data output.
  • Product card (complete product description). The detailed description page of the goods, with the possibility to begin the formation of the purchase of goods (choice of payment system and currency for payment of goods).
  • Adding a title and description (in any language that is installed on the site) to the goods, as well as pictures, videos, tags, category, currency, bonus assignment, commission for payment to the partner (in percent) and the possibility of refund to the buyer (in number days).
  • Block tags on the site (automatic rotation of tags in the "tag cloud").
  • Product Tags. A section of tags with a page-by-line output of all products for a specific tag.
  • Normal search on the site, with a page-by-line output of the search results.
  • Live search. Interactive search for products on the site (interactive output of results when typing a query in the search field).
  • Internal mail, with the ability to save correspondence between opponents on the created topic. This is a system of instant messages and alerts on the site between users of any groups: administration, sellers, buyers, advertisers, partners.
  • Collection of goods. Adding and removing goods by the user to the collection (liked products). This, in essence, bookmarks of liked products for users, including unauthorized users (guests).
  • Cart products. Adding and removing goods from the shopping cart, as well as the functionality for making purchases of goods in the basket, followed by the choice of currency and payment system for the buyer. The buyer makes a purchase with a lot of goods.
  • The system of notifications to the email to the buyer / seller about sales of goods, product reviews, and the resolution of contentious issues.
  • Arbitration service. Section for resolving disputes between the seller and the buyer (with the participation of the administration, and without it), with the possibility for the administrator to make a verdict on disputes.
  • A system of customer feedback for each product.
  • Rating system for sellers and buyers.
  • Affiliate program. For active users (partners) created the necessary functionality for making money. The partner can access the code, which can be placed in social networks, any web pages visited, on their websites, etc., and instantly receive revenue from the sales of goods that they bought via a referral link. The amount of reward (%) sellers can set arbitrarily for each product. Vendors, in addition to selling their goods, can fully engage in the affiliate program and get money for this (to promote other people's products), for this it is necessary to expand the functionality (in the profile include the additional functionality of the Partner).
  • Withdrawal of earned funds for sellers and partners to any available accounts (creation of an application for withdrawal of funds), any payment systems, wallets indicated by the administration.
  • SEO - links for product pages and stores.
  • Auto META tags. Improved automatic promotion in the search engines due to the existing system for automatically creating meta tags (title / description / keywords and other service meta tags) when adding digital goods by sellers, as well as for news, articles, help system (FAQ), vendors' shops and other sections .
  • Sitemap XML. The ability to create a main sitemap.xml file to improve indexing in the Google, Yandex, MSN, and other search engines. Also, * .xml child files for each section are created (goods, news, articles, categories, stores). Automatic file sharing, exceeding 1000 entries and above, as well as the ability to send pings to the search engines Google, Yandex, MSN, etc.
  • RSS feed. RSS news feed for reading in XML format (for Feed - reader programs). A general tape for all the latest news, announcements of articles, changes and additions of new products.
  • Subscribing users to the news of the site (subscription system for receiving newsletters by email).
  • Mass distribution for certain groups of users or selected users, as well as "loss" (users who have not visited the site for a long time), email-subscribers, users who registered and did not visit the site, as well as sellers whose goods ended.
  • Create arbitrary templates for mailing lists, with the ability to insert basic tags.
  • Functional for managing a set of user's currency accounts.
  • Currency exchange. Transfer of funds between foreign currency accounts for sellers / partners (internal exchange of currencies), with the possibility to establish a commission for the exchange of currencies.
  • Replenishment of any currency account [ USD / RUB / UAH / EUR / BTC ... ]: Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Liqpay, Payza, Bitcoin and VISA / MasterCard plastic cards for any countries through Yandex Money, Liqpay (you can additionally develop and connect any other payment gateways, by agreement).
  • Indicators of occupied and remaining free space from the seller.
  • Adding a place (quoting). Purchase additional storage space for sellers. If desired, each seller can expand their quota on the disk by purchasing an additional seat for a certain period. The cost is set by the administrator.
  • Access system. Access certain users or groups to specific pages or sections on the site, or in the administrative control panel system. Empower users and groups.
  • Backup and restore of the database.
  • Utilities for advanced users:
    • Create static pages by creating a complete MVC model for further integration of new pages and sections with the database.
    • Add, search and replace phrases and keys when translating text.

We wish you a successful start of your business on the Internet.

With respect, to you, the TEAM Jqsee development team.

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