Script Marketplace CMS Digital Physical Mall Center

Script Marketplace CMS Digital Physical Mall Center - this is a ready-made out-of-the-box business, a highly professional and specialized multi-vendor marketplace (marketplace) for sellers of their digital and merchandise products (software products and common industrial goods). Script Marketplace CMS Digital Physical Mall Center works by specifics (C2C - user -> customer, B2C - business -> customer). 

Version: 10013082019
Development process: {completed}
Period: 21.06.2016 - 13.08.2019

Script Requirements

To complete the script Marketplace CMS Digital Physical Mall Center you need the following software installed on the server (this software was used during development):

  • Apache 2.2 and higher
  • PHP 7.2 and higher
  • MySQL 5.5.5 and higher
  • Installed PHP ZIP Library
  • Installed PHP XML library
  • Installed PHP GD2 Library
  • Installed PHP CURL library
  • Installed PHP library mbstring
  • Installed PHP library iconv
  • Installed PHP library ioncube
  • Installed PHP library mcrypt
  • The minimum size of RAM is 128 megabytes.

Description CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC]

CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC] - This is a ready-made professional tool for the successful start of your business on the Internet, in the segment of trade on the specifics of C2B / B2B (sale of clothing and digital goods (electronic and ordinary goods)). CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC] is a logical continuation of the product line from and is an extended version of the CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC] (Digital Mall) script.

CMS consists of the system core and additional functionality (modules). The core includes basic functionality sufficient to start your business. With the help of the basic functionality you can expand your service for the sale of digital goods. Sellers will be able to place and sell goods, the buyer to make purchases of these goods, there is also a buyer’s office, a seller’s office and an admin panel for management. To raise your service to a higher, professional level and compare favorably with competitors, we advise you to purchase additional modules.

The basic principle of operation CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC] - provision of an unlimited number of trading platforms for a variety of vendors, with the help of which they could sell their digital and tangible goods: industrial goods, as well as software: files, access passwords, music, clips, game accounts, game keys and much, much more ..., with the subsequent receipt of income by deducting the commission from each transaction in favor of the administration of trading platforms, as well as the possibility of creating monthly billing for sellers on the lease of sites.

Differences between CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC] and CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC]

CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC] and CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC] are completely different products in nature and have a different database structure.

The difference between CMS DMC and DPMC is the algorithm of work. Registration (selection of profiles). Purchase of goods from only one seller or only one type (physical or digital goods). Possibility of installation for sellers of monthly rent for the use of the trading platform. The ability to establish additional profile schemes for business when using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Fully autonomous system for automating exchange rates.

CMS Digital Physical Mall Center [DPMC] has a global update of data and table structure compared to its younger brother CMS Digital Mall Center [DMC].

The trading platform script is an extended version of the CMS DMC trading platform, which includes more than 70 changes and innovations.

This version has a professional functionality for the sale by sellers of their products (both digital and physical). Now it is many times more advanced functionality, with an excellent data processing speed and enhanced security to hacking the system. ATTENTION! We strongly recommend using PHP version 7.0 and higher!

A special bias in CMS DPMC is made to pay for physical and digital goods using cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin (BTC). In this release, quite a lot of updates, including global ones. One of the key features is the possibility of making automatic mass payments to sellers (everything happens without your participation, through CRON-tasks). New methods and algorithms for the processing of payments, salary crediting to partners were added, new methods and algorithms for the processing of payments, salary crediting to partners were also improved, new types of payment, including payment for goods and services from the internal account, appeared.

The marketplace, in fact, works autonomously, and without your participation (it is like a satellite, you launch it and it spins and brings you money). Also, in DPMC, we have introduced a completely new exchange rate system for automatic conversion of the cost of goods and services on the site, with the ability to manually edit the exchange rates on the site.

1. Added physical goods (a new type of "physical goods" was added to the system). Created the necessary functionality for the specifics of physical goods on the pages of adding and editing a product, as well as gallery pages, promotion and statistics of goods. On the product listing pages of the seller in the office (on sale, on verification, in the basket), the necessary functionality for managing physical goods was also made, the menu with actions (actions) was changed, unnecessary links to editing the content were removed.

The integration of the physical goods module on the product page (Product Card) is now possible for both digital and physical goods to be displayed on it, for the drop-down list of management the condition for physical goods has been made, now the type is displayed as Phys. product.

2. A new processing of payments was made specifically for physical goods with the possibility of placing an order (both individual goods and through a basket), with a subsequent choice (entering the customer's data in a step-by-step form), provided that it is not authorized. If authorized, then please login or register (with the possibility of registration "on the fly").

3.0 Added a new payment method cryptocurrency API from (the old Apibtc gateway has been removed as outdated).

3.1 Added new payment method cryptocurrency API from (can be used simultaneously with Coinbase).

A small bitcoin explanation for Coinbase and Bitaps payment aggregators: the difference between them is that Coinbase does not charge any fees (but you can install it yourself and it will go to your additional income), but at the same time, Coinbase does not have the ability to withdraw funds to sellers wallets (and other users) in automatic mode (manual mode only).

With the help of Bitaps, the administrator can withdraw funds to the purses of merchants (and other users), both single ones and make massive AUTOMATIC payments to sellers via CRON tasks (limitation: 250 users for one transaction). Bitaps withholds a service fee for each transaction in the amount of 20,000 sums (equivalent of 0.00020000 BTC), this applies to all operations: single and mass sale of goods, account replenishment, withdrawal of funds.

4 Added functionality for payment from the internal account (from any internal currency account on the website) of goods (both physical and digital), as well as other services, such as tariffs, purchase of promotions for goods, purchase of advertising, etc ...

5. A ban has been made for adding products to the cart from different sellers (with the ability to enable or disable this feature in the settings).

List of products Modules for Script Marketplace CMS Digital Physical Mall Center

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