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Tools-Codeigniter Utilities is a set of utilities that are designed for quick and easy management of MVC (MVC creation - controller / model / view and MVC removal), as well as comfortable work and fast, convenient management of translations into other languages ​​in user language files Add translation, edit translation, search and replace translation, search and replace any text in language files) in the Codeigniter framework.
Version: 1.0.1
Development process: {completed}
Period: 15.06.2016 - 19.07.2016

Script description Tools-Codeigniter v1.0.1:
This Tools-Codeigniter script contains a toolkit that is designed for quick and easy management of MVC (creating, editing and deleting the MVC-controller / model / view), as well as comfortable work and fast, convenient translation management in user-defined language files (adding translation, editing translation, search and replace translation, search and replace any text in language files).

Supported versions of the framework Codeigniter: Codeigniter 2 / Codeigniter 3

Capabilities Tools-Codeigniter:
- Creating an MVC Architecture Object (controller/model/view).
- Deleting an MVC Architecture Object (controller/model/view).
- A library for working with meta-tagged pages, as well as the ability to connect to each controller, custom meta tags, css and JS codes. 
- Simultaneous addition of translation when creating MVC for meta tag index page: title, description, keywords.
- Automate the installation of meta-tags of pages and their quick localization (translation into different languages) in controllers.
- Add a translation for each available language on the site.
- Accurate search by key and replacement of the translation phrase in a specific language file.
- Greedy search and editing "on the fly" page of the language file. Where the search for translation is made by any phrase and / or key in the language files, with the subsequent editing of the entire language file. At what results are displayed for each language and each file, with the possibility of free editing. Search is made for all language files in each language folder /application/language/*.

It is important to know:
The Tools-Codeigniter script works with language files located in any of the nested language folders in the directory /application/language/* 
File processing is performed by searching files by the method of recursive parsing.
You can easily add folders with any languages ​​and the script will "hook them up" on the fly and immediately work with new files.
It is important to know! When adding / modifying a translation, you can not use the PHP variable symbol: $ . A new translation folder must contain the same language files that are available in the folder with the default language installed. To do this, you simply copy the files from the default folder to the new (created by you) folder and change the name of the new folder to the name of the language that you need. Reference information by language:
The name of the controllers and models must begin with a capital letter.

How to get started:
Script Tools-Codeigniter does not need to be connected to the database. Do not make any settings.
It is understood that your server already has an included module mod_rewrite.
Just unpack the archive to the root of the site and go to and you can immediately start working and build your site.

Important! Before you start, configure access to the script, exceptions (if necessary). To do this, you need to edit at the beginning of the toolkit file application/controllers/admin/Tools.php property values $mvc_exaption (By default, it already contains: toolsadmin), and also check and change the settings for the files you need:
but in a file /application/config/routes.php Change the default controller value to the one you want $route['default_controller'] = 'admin/tools/index';

To be hosted on a remote server.
When you first access the script (if you have not yet configured access) the message will be shown (provided that you have placed the script NOT on the local machine):
An Error Was Encountered
Direct access is not allowed
This is normal, so the script is already working. 
Now you need to limit access to the script functionality so that no one but you can use it.
To do this, you can use one of the options:
- register your IP address (an undesirable option, since if you are on an IP gateway then people on the same IP can easily enter the protected zone). If you want to use
- restrict access through the htpasswd utility (normal version)
- make authorized access for a specific group of users, for example for administration (excellent)

You can not configure access to the local computer, it will work right away.

It is understood that the templates are in the folder /application/views/templates/* and have the following structure and the following names, where index_view.php is the content file for the controller index

Anatomy of the Instrumentation
When you create an MVC in the created translation file (for each language), you enter the initial information ONLY for controller / index for the remaining methods, you must prescribe the meta tags yourself (do this using the tools / index controller example).

In the application / controllers / Tools_templates / ControllerExample.php template file, there is an example (commented) for adding and inserting additional meta tags, as well as connecting custom JS and style files BEFORE and AFTER the main (static - prescribed in the view templates) meta tags.
When adding / changing a translation, you can not use the variable symbol $ PHP.

Compliance with the rules when creating keys in language variables:
Keys are only allowed for lowercase Latin characters + numbers (without spaces), as well as lower underscores. You can use the rest of the symbols, but in order to avoid incorrect work, we ask you to follow these rules.
for example:
$lang['tools_index_title2'] = "ToolsCodeigniter - professional and fast development of web projects";

Where tools_index_title2
- tools - this is the name of the class (controller)
- index -is the name of the controller method
- title2 -This is your invented name for translation in the above class and the method

Example of using translation in html templates (views/templates/*):
<?= lang('tools_index_title2'); ?>

Files of the toolkit

Instrumentation controller:

Templates for MVC generation:

Language files:

Types (pages):

The script on the demo site is updated (restored) every 15 minutes.

With respect, TEAM Jqsee.

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